Attorney at law
Slobodan Beljanski

He graduated from Faculty of Law, University of Novi Sad. He has been working as a lawyer in Novi Sad since 1969. He was the president of the Bar Association of Vojvodina in three terms (1998-2007) and in two terms served as a member of the Governing Board of the International Association of Lawyers as its representative for Serbia. Slobodan Beljanski was the president of the Association for Criminal Law and Criminology of Vojvodina, editor-in-chief of „Glasnik AKV“, a journal of legal theory and practice, a member of the editorial board of Review of Criminology and Criminal Law, council member of Archive of Social and Legal Sciences and a member of the Committee for Ethics of the Serbian Lawyers’ Association.

He was the first president of the Anti-Corruption Council (2001-2002) and later a member and president of the Republic Committee for Resolving Conflicts of Interest (2005-2010), he was also a member of the Anti-Coruption Agency Board. (2010-2013). For ten years he was the president of the State Examination Board in Novi Sad and in the last four years he was also the president of the Commission for taking the Bar exam. Slobodan Beljanski is the dean of the Academy of the Bar Association. He has published dozens of papers in the field of criminal law, anthropology and legal theory. Slobodan Beljanski is the author of five books and co-author of several books, manuals and the Comment of the Criminal Procedure Code.