Defense in criminal proceedings regarding white-collar crime, war crimes, organized crime and proceedings for other serious crimes, defense of juvenile offenders, misdemeanor proceedings, proceedings for commercial offenses, representation of individuals and legal persons injured by criminal offenses, injured parties as prosecutors (subsidiary prosecutors) and private prosecutors, representation of juveniles as injured parties in criminal proceedings, representation in proceedings for the realization of rights of persons unjustifiably detained or convicted, proceedings for extradition, confiscation of property gained from criminal activities etc.


Representation in all civil law disputes such as property and possesion disputes, disputes for pecuniary and non-pecuniary damages, marital and family disputes, disputes for annulment and avoidance of contracts, representation in non-contentious proceedings, enforcment and security proceedings, drafting all types of contracts in the field of civil law, family law and inheritance law, drafting statements and powers of attorney, representation in mediation proceedings.


Representation in disputes on initiation, existence and termination of employment, disputes on the rights, obligations and responsibilities stemming from the employment, disputes on compensation of damages suffered by an employee at work or in relation to work, in disputes for protection against discrimination and harassment at work, disputes relating to a strike, disputes on collective agreements, disputes on mandatory social insurance, drafting of employment contracts and other contracts in the field of labour law, general acts, rulings, representation in disciplinary proceedings and mediation proceedings.


Representation in the procedure of formation of companies, implementation of status changes and any other changes that are subject to registration with the Serbian Business Registers Agency or the court, representation in the proceedings for liquidation and bankruptcy, representation of companies in commercial disputes, counseling, drafting all types of contracts and general acts in the field of commercial law.


Representation of individuals and legal persons in proceedings before tax, inspection and other state authorities and Administrative Court. Representation in all proceedings before the Republic Geodetic Authority and preparation of all necessary documentation.


Representation in proceedings for protection of human rights before the Constitutional Court and the ECtHR, representation in the proceedings for assessment of constitutionality and legality, representation in all proceedings for the protection against discrimination.


Representation in disputes arising from Law on Public Information and Media, such as disputes for damages for offended reputation and honour regarding the published information, disputes for publishing correction of information and answer to information, omission to publish information.


Representation in the proceedings for rehabilitation and proceedings for restoration of confiscated property or compensation.


Representation in exercising copyright and related rights and judicial protection of those rights.