Attorney at law
Bojan Papić, LL.M.

Attorney at law Bojan Papić graduated from the Faculty of Law, University of Novi Sad. On the Department of Criminal Law of the same institution, he obtained LL.M degree with thesis “The rights of the defense counsel at trial in criminal proceedings”. During the final year of law studies, he was engaged in the work for the Office of the Provincial Ombudsman in which he acted upon complaints of citizens, participated in conducting investigations, researches and field work, as well as in the cases concerning the protection of human rights of persons in detention and prisoners.

He joined the team of Beljanski Law Office in 2013 and at the same time he became a member of Bar Association of Vojvodina. Attorney at law Bojan Papić is primarily engaged in criminal proceedings as a defense counsel, but he also represents natural and legal persons injured by criminal offenses, subsidiary prosecutors, as well as private prosecutors. Along with attorneys Slobodan Beljanski PhD and Vladimir Beljanski he participated in the defense of the accused in a number of cases before the Special Division of the High Court in Belgrade, as well as before the Prosecutor’s Office for Organized Crime. In addition to defense and representation of clients in general criminal proceedings, attorney at law Papić was engaged in work on specific criminal procedures, such as procedures for the realization of the rights of persons unjustifiably detained or convicted, but also in criminal procedure regulated by subsidiary legislation, such as the procedures of extradition, confiscation of the property gained from criminal activities, etc.

He has participated in various specialized trainings such as “Representation Skills in Criminal Proceedings – basic and cross-examination” and “Trial Simulation under the New Criminal Procedure Code”, organized by Partners for Democratic Change and the Bar Association of Vojvodina.

He is co-author of the professional manual „Guide for the Court Appointed Defense Counsel“ and „Guide to the Defendant through the Criminal Proceedings and his Relationship with Court Appointed Defense Counsel“ published by the Helsinki Committee for Human Rights.