Attorney at law
Veljko Milić

He obtained LL.M degree in 2013 with thesis „The margin of appreciation and necessary in democratic society concepts in European Court of Human Rights case law“.He is a PhD candidate since 2013. He is a member of Bar Association of Vojvodina.

Veljko Milić has participated in various specialized trainings in the field of criminal law organized by Partners for Democratic Changes, Bar Association of Vojvodina, Faculty of Law, University of Belgrade and “Službeni glasnik”.
He was a participant and a visiting lecturer on various seminars and trainings in the field of human rights protection organized by Youth Initiative for Human Rights and Helsinki Comitee for Human Rights in Serbia (2012).
He participated in the number of law conferences in Serbia and abroad.

He is an author and a co-author of a number of publications such as: “Guide for the Court Appointed Defense Counsel“ and “Guide to the Defendant through the Criminal Proceedings and his Relationship with Court Appointed Defense Counsel“, Helsinki Committee for Human Rights in Republika Srpska (2016), “The Collective Rights of National Communities in the Autonomus Province of Vojvodina – Requirements for a Definition”, Journal: National Councils of National Minorities and Cultures, Office for Culture of Vojvodina and Provincial Ombudsman of the Autonomus Province of Vojvodina (2013).

In his professional engagement to date he worked in all areas of law, primarily in the field of criminal proceedings, damages proceedings, especially damages for offended reputation and honour, disputes arising from the Law on Public Information and Media and in proceedings for the protection of human rights before Constituional Court and ECtHR.